On March 14th, 2021, Baylor Scott & White forced my family to watch my father violently die helpless, facing his final moments while his loved ones could only watch through glass. During this traumatic experience, when we could have been treated with the grace and dignity of someone watching a loved one die, I was threatened and assaulted by the police.

The man who ultimately orchestrated this tragic experience is the President of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine – Chris York. Just a few days before my dad died, my father sent me texts saying that he felt fine and nothing was wrong. And then a few days later, he was dead. What could have led to such a tragic and senseless death?

He fell ill one evening having trouble breathing. In a hurry, we called an ambulance and they transported him to the hospital. We were told we were unable to see him from day one. Just a few days before he died, we received a phone call from the nurse taking care of my dad and she explained how she had to tie him in restraints because he was “confused” why he had tubes in his lungs.

Since things started to take a turn for the worse, we requested and were given a chance to speak to Chris York, President of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine. My mother tried to explain who my father was as a well-respected member of the local healthcare community. His response was ”I don’t care who your husband is or what he did for this hospital, I won’t let you see him.” When I said I think it’s criminal that your not letting me see my dad, his response was “if you think it’s a crime, call the police.” When I realized I would have no recourse and said I was going to the press, he said “go ahead” and then turned around and walked away.

A few days later, after speaking with the President of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine, my mother received a phone call from a nurse saying that my dad wanted to die and be put on a ventilator. If these contradictions don’t make sense to you, imagine how they sounded to the people who have known him for a lifetime. We immediately rushed to the hospital. When we arrived, we were greeted at the main lobby by armed security and a male nurse named Adam. They were very rude and did not want us there. We were fortunate to have our attorney present and were prepared to press attempted murder charges if they did not let us see my father.

The president then made the decision that only one of us can go up to the ICU to see my dad. My mother ended up being the one. They did not make her wear extra protection, they just let her go up. While my mother was upstairs, Jagadeshwar Gummi Reddy, the pulmonologist taking care of my dad, came down to the lobby and spoke to me. “I talked to your mom, at the moment, there’s really nothing I can do, my hands are tied.” I told him “that’s not a good answer sir.” He responded, expressing concern about his job, and proceeded to tell me, that if he lost his job he wouldn’t be able to find another job anywhere at any hospital. This limited, grim update offered no clarity on my father’s condition, and only caused further frustration. All he cared about was keeping his job and not getting fired. Shortly after Dr. Reddy spoke to me, my mother came back downstairs in tears and was mortified by the treatment she received from the nurses in the ICU.

According to the medical record, it never says anything about Dr. Jagadeshwar Gummi Reddy coming down to the lobby to speak to me. Instead, it has a story about Dr. Reddy speaking to my mother in the ICU. My mother never met with Dr. Jagadeshwar Gummi Reddy in person. 

On March 14th, at Approximately four in the morning, my mother received a call from Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine saying that my dad was “coding”

When my mother called the hospital back the nurse she spoke with said that the president said we can come see my dad, but only one person can go in the room and say goodbye. When we arrived, an older nurse by the name of Donna, greeted us at the lobby of the hospital with a police officer. She said the president called again, this time saying “none of us can go in the room and that we can watch him die through glass.” We then proceeded to be escorted by officer Demorrius Jones and the nurse upstairs to the Covid ICU. The first question I wondered during all this was – why is there a police officer present during all of this? Why did a police officer have to be present?

Interestingly enough when we arrived in the ICU, my dad was the only patient on that floor that night and none of the nurses were wearing a name tag. As we walked up to the glass, there was a nurse waiting in there. She was just standing, looking at him. 

I begin to try to film what was happening, but then the policeman threatened me and tells me to turn off the camera or I will be arrested for criminal trespassing.

Moments after being threatened, a male nurse practitioner by the name of Rommel Villas Lantajo walked up to the glass door and passed off a syringe to the nurse inside my father’s room. That syringe was full of Epinephrine, a hormone and neurotransmitter commonly used for allergic reactions and to restore cardiac rhythm. Keep in mind my father’s pulse was at 122 already. Anything that would stimulate it further would only make things worse. The nurse injected my dad with the syringe, and moments later she began to perform on him the most violent chest compressions I have ever seen. It was like watching someone stab a knife into his chest. His body was bouncing off the table.

Shocked and appalled at what I was seeing, I begin to try to record again. Officer Demorrius Jones assaulted me and forced me out of the ICU. He physically pushed me and threatened me to the front door of the hospital. I was threatened with criminal trespassing if I didn’t leave immediately.

In the final moments of Sarah Grice violently bouncing my fathers body off the table from chest compressions, my mother started to scream stop! stop! stop! stop! The nurse then stopped and immediately turned off all the machines right in front of my mom and my sister, traumatizing them for life. Moments later, my father lifted his chest off the table and then seizured and died. 

This is the same nurse that also called my mother saying that my dad “wanted to die and be put on a ventilator.”  

My mother and sister came down to the hospital lobby a few minutes later in tears and devastated. As we began to try to get into the car, I noticed Sarah Grice got into her car and then drove away, fleeing the scene of the crime. Would you want this to happen to you or your family? Is this how you want to say goodbye to a loved one? Someone you’ve known your whole life? 

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine claims to be a “Christian” organization, but what is Christian about making someone watch a family member die through glass while being threatened and assaulted by the police? This hospital caused immense emotional harm to my family. It was purely intentional. The aftermath of all of this, led to my mother becoming severely emotionally distraught. I had to put my entire life on hold for my mother and I spent over a year in therapy, trying to cope the loss of my best friend, and there hasn’t been a day that goes by where I don’t still feel that pain. 

According to the medical record, none of the nurses or doctors read each others notes, and no one listened to my father or my family about requesting protocols that could have saved his life. In fact, none of these people cared about the outcome. They did whatever they wanted to my father and his family. I don’t know how these people ended up in healthcare, or why they became nurses and doctors. 

Here is a voicemail from Dr. Jagadeshwar Gummi Reddy just a few days after my dad said he was feeling better. What happened? What changed?

According to my fathers medical record, they did a contrast dye study that put him into renal failure, shutting his kidneys down. My father never had kidney problems in his life. This doctor then decided to give my father 4 rounds of remdesivir, without my fathers consent. His values kept getting worse but they didn’t care. 24 hours before my fathers death, Rommel Villas Lantajo, the Nurse Practitioner treating my father, gave him full doses of fentanyl every 4 hours. Why would you give someone having a hard time breathing a drug that is known to suppress breathing? There is preliminary evidence in studies showing it is a known fact remdesivir can compromise the kidneys. Dr. Reddy did not bother to read anyone’s notes. He did whatever he wanted to my dad. 

According to the medical record, in the final 5 to 6 hours of his life, all they did was sedate him continuously until he suffocated to death. He was in the hospital for a total of 6 days and his medical chart is 910 pages long. The record also says they “offered” Dr. Kotsanis food and he said “no” which sounds absolutely nothing like my dad.  These people could have cared less if he lived or died. What’s ironic about this story is that my dad was one of the very first doctors at this hospital and I was the first baby born in the new operating room at this hospital in 1986. Life will never be the same for my family. Losing a parent is hard enough without a horrific ending. Most people don’t lose their loved one like this. Stay away from this hospital if you care about your spiritual well-being and your family.

Here is a voicemail that the Health and Human Services Commission left on my phone after I reported Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Grapevine about the incident that occurred on March 14, 2021

Part of the reason I made this website is to inform the public and kindly ask to share this story about what happened to my family. If Hospitals are doing this to people today, what will they being doing tomorrow? Whats next? Do health authorities even care anymore?

Who was Dr. Kotsanis?

Dr. Kotsanis graduated from Northern Illinois University, University of Athens medical school in Greece and did his Otolaryngology residency at Loyola University of Chicago. His 40 plus-year medical practice spanned every diagnosis and age group welcoming international and domestic patients. His 1991 groundbreaking study in biomedical treatment for autism effected changes in children by augmenting immunity and using nutrition and auditory training to reduce symptoms and improve behavior speech. 

He was married to the love of his life, Beverly Daskolias on May 3rd, 1981. Together he and Beverly made it their life‘s work to create an environment in the medical community for acceptance of nutrition and other natural methods like homeopathy, botanicals and electro medicine to become widely accepted. 

He was a member of the Texas medical Association, Tarrant County Medical Society, American Medical Association, American Academy of Ozonetherapy, and also an adjunct professor at UT Southwestern medical school, along with numerous other professional associations. 

Constantine or “Gus” came over from Greece to America when he was just 15 years old with nothing but a dream for the future generations of his family to one day have endless opportunity. He dedicated his entire life to finding medical solutions for people that had run out of health options. Gus loved people so much and that reflected not only in his work but also in the the way that he was a friend, father, and husband. His mission was always to revolutionize the standard of care to be more than just a standard, but instead of way of life for future generations. His greatest professional success was creating his brainchild, the Kotsanis Institute. The facility is home to Gus’s many protocols and will live on as his legacy. 

Many people knew Gus as their physician, but even more people knew him as a friend, secondary father, and mentor. He was selfless with his time and his knowledge, only wanting to help those around him and never asking for anything in return. Gus will forever be a giant who’s shoulders we can stand on to better. May God rest his soul and may his work live on to improve lives for generations to come.

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